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Air Humidifier
ABS +  Electronic components
Increase indoor air humidity
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  • Humidifiers are small in size, compact installation, save floor space, can be installed at will. Humidifier high efficiency, good quality steam, beautiful appearance design, humidifier operation almost no sound, at the same time pay attention to the combination of function and economy.

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When we encounter the problem of family air drying, we generally choose to use an air humidifier to increase the air humidity, which can be said to be a very ideal way for us, and a small air humidifier is the most used type of humidifier in the family. Today, we will introduce a small air humidifier.
Product Usage
    • Product usage introduction

1. Can not directly add tap water, tap water generally contains a lot of minerals, will cause damage to the humidifier and air pollution, it is recommended to use pure water.
2. When using, avoid being too close to the human body. The cold fog emitted by the ultrasonic humidifier is easy to cause people to catch a cold.
3. If the heating or air conditioning in the home uses a humidifier, it is best to open the Windows and doors at a good time, because the warm, wet and dirty air is the most likely to breed germs, which will also affect people’s health.

  • Description of product use effect

1. Mosquito repellent perfume. Add a few drops of toilet water or perfume to the water to refresh the air and refresh the mind.
2..Essential oils, including a few drops of rosemary or lavender essential oils, can calm the nerves and improve sleep quality.
3. Salt, adding light salt water to the water tank, can relieve sore throat and chronic pharyngitis.
4. Lemon juice, add some lemon juice to the water tank, can play a role in regulating the female skin, and can whiten

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