JAKCOM R4 Multifunctional Smart Ring NFC Health Tracker


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JAKCOM R4 Multifunctional Smart Ring NFC Health Tracker

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Product Specifications:

1. Size: 7x7x3cm
2. Weight: 60g (including packaging)
3. Wearing method: Wrist strap
4. Applicable system: iOS, Android
5. Microcrystalline zirconium ceramic body, excellent refractive index and dispersion performance, so that the whole exudes a unique round and smooth
6. Marathon craftsmanship, with nano characteristics of outer rigidity and inner flexibility
7. Function: virtual incoming call, scene notification, NFC cloud service, handy notes, information sharing, waterproof and dustproof, no need to charge
8. Carrier frequency: 13.56MHZ, 125KHZ
9. RF distance: 1-3cm
10. IC module type: UID
11. ID module type: T5577
12. NFC module type: NTAG213
13. Material: ceramic
14. Working temperature: -50-80° Celsius
15. Certificate: CE, ROHS, CCC

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